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Octopus balls croutons / shrimp balls croutons / frozen food wrapped fish feed

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Brand: Jinglihua Are Imported: No Production License Number QS: 320001040219
Country of Origin: Jiangsu Way of sale: Bags Raw materials and ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, shortening, etc.
Level: Medium grade Specialties: No Shelf life: 6 (months)
Production date: See package Manufacturer: Jiang Su Baoli Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Storage: dry and ventilated
NW:1000g Specifications: square block

Net weight (size): 10000 (g)

Product standards: Q / JSBL 0001S-2012 <bread crumbs Series>    


Croutons are new varieties, according to customer demands, which is ultimatelycompletedthrough communication with the customer and continuous improvement with independent research and development, creativity and innovation by Jiangsu Baoli Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd...The product and its family by cutting and drying fresh bread made ​​for the production of all kinds of balls, but also making salads. Taste melted beautiful shape.