Jiang Su Baoli Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
E-mail: 18651600829@163.com
Address: No. 202 tengying Road, Hengliang Street, Liuhe District, Nanjing City
Postal Code: 211515
Phone: 68513706

   The Company in June 2011 approved the establishment by the Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, as a legal person, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanjing Hua Jiu Ming Industrial Co., Ltd. It is a modern enterprise professionally engaged in bread crumbs, cracker crumbs and other food materials' production and sales. Supporting the supply of the first national fast-food industry "KFC"'s needs to sell of its stores in all provinces and cities, the "popcorn chicken", as a long-term product, is accounted for 80% of the market share. The registered trademark "Jing Li Hua" enjoys great reputation in the industry, which has been widely recognized by the colleagues of the meal material boundary.

The company, located in Heng Liang town industrial park, the eastern suburbs of Liu He District, Nanjing City, enjoys a superior geographical position and very convenient traffics .With Ning Tong highway and Ning Qi railway passing through, the Yangtze River Bridge four is connected to the east of the villages and towns.You can drive directly to the Nanjing city, which provides great convenience to the company for the sales and transportation of bread crumbs.

In June 2012, the company under the guidance of caring leadership at all levels and relevant functional departments and the support of all staff, has finished the completion acceptance of a high standard modern plant covering an area of 5,000 square meters and 500 tons of large-scale freezers for food processing and storage. The introduction of a full set of international advanced bread crumbs production line and the adoption of unique technologies has made it possible to produce colorful bread crumbs series of various specifications. And it can be set according to the special requirements of customers for order-oriented and quantitative production, to meet the needs of consumers' taste buds.

The company is in accordance with strict standards of enterprise products and improved quality management system to ensure high quality products and persist it unswervingly.

The company will repay you with excellent quality, perfect service and reasonable prices for your support and trust, sincerely hoping to cooperate with new and old customers. We also look forward to the colleagues' joining in and cooperation of the meal material boundary, for greater development to create a win-win result.