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Nanjing Huajiu Ming Industrial Co., Ltd. Dongying hemisphere Food Co., Ltd. is a domestic long out using the latest technology , specializing in bread crumbs , bread crumbs production and sales of modern enterprise . Companies are located in Binjiang Development Zone, Jiangning District, Nanjing and Guangrao Dongying City , Shandong Province Development Zone Industrial Park , information flow, and convenient transportation.
    Jiangning company occupies 9,990 square meters , plant area of ​​1,600 square meters, Dongying company occupies 13,320 square meters , plant area of ​​1,500 square meters, with 100 tons of large food processing, cold storage , with a total investment of 500 million yuan , the existing staff of 100 people , the production capacity of 10 tons or more.
    In 2009, in cooperation with Taiwan-funded enterprises in Shanghai Bao Li Food Co., Ltd. , to become a qualified supplier of KFC and built third factory , opened Huajiu Ming Industrial Co., Ltd. Nanjing Jiangning Branch , specializing in KFC products, with the northern markets expansion, especially with the success of Thailand Chia Tai China region. 2010 and completed in the Economic Development Zone in Shandong Guangrao fourth plant , the new 5,300 square meters modern factory , invested 10 million yuan , and has formed effectiveness.
    So far , the company has four professional factories , add the rigorous training of more than 300 employees , annual production capacity of 10,000 tons. 2011 sales of bread crumbs 8,000 tons income 65 million yuan , profits and taxes 6,000,000 yuan . Achieved social and economic benefits double harvest.
    This month, our building in Liuhe District of Nanjing fifth plant - River Jiangsu Baoli Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters , 5,000 square meters of high standard completion and acceptance of an international workshop , the new 500 tons of large food processing cold storage , to be put into production, further expand production capacity , production capacity within two years, and strive to reach 20,000 tons in bread crumbs and ranked first in the production and sales of domestic and to overseas markets.
    The company introduced a full set of the world's leading bran bread production lines , the use of advanced technology produces a variety of color -rich bran bread products. Production orders can be carried out according to the different requirements of customers. The company 's enterprise products according to strict standards and improve the quality management system to ensure high quality products and consistent .
    The company will be excellent quality, perfect service and reasonable prices to repay you for your support and trust, hope and enthusiasm of the new and old customers work together , we look forward to joining cooperation meal feed industry colleagues , to greater development of create a win-win .
Nanjing Huajiu Ming Industrial Co., Ltd.
April 8, 2012