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Bread crumbs food manufacturers Recruitment agency consignment dealers free to join

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Brand: Jinglihua The basic investment :0-0.5(wan yuan) Guaranteed amount: 0 (yuan)
Initial fee: 0 (yuan) Project area requirements: National Brand origin: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Royalties: 0 (yuan) Business model: Distribution, agency Development model: distribution, regional agency, the regional development

White long needle breadcrumbs is one of the traditional products in the industry, which comes from Japan. The product and its series show wide in the middle and sharp at both ends, long and thin like a sewing needle, which are made to fry breaded fish, beef and so on with strong sense of hierarchy, close to the irregular three-dimensional effect burst by tempura. Especially for making bread shrimp, the finished fried product is just having a neat rows, magnificent like the Long's scale and the phoenix's feather, with crisp taste, shocking between the gums.

Ziplock design makes storage more convenient!